5mm Concrete Screws


5mm Diameter Concrete Screws

Please find our full range of various 5mm diameter concrete screws, masonry anchors and screw bolts. We stock concrete screws in diameters from 5mm through to 16mm for heavy duty fastening applications.

Concrete screws and screw bolts are some of the key products in which we are known for and we stock these products very heavily. In total we carry 5 variations of concrete screws and 5 variations of screw bolts in various finishes including galvanised, stainless steel and zinc plated for internal use. These screw fasteners are used for fastening into brickwork, masonry or solid concrete. Most concrete screws require a 30mm embedment depth into the concrete or masonry substrate so please double check each specific product for installation guides and manuals

For exact pilot hole sizes please refer to each product page..

We carry huge stock of 5mm concrete screws as they are generally one of our most popular movers, we do also carry diameters up to 16mm if required. Goods are in stock for immediate despatch


How To Install 5mm Concrete Screws

Concrete screws are a very simple fastener to install into masonry. Simply drill a pilot hole the same size as the body diameter, for example with a 5mm concrete screws you would drill a 5mm hole into the masonry substrate, then simply drive them directly into the masonry or brickwork substrate. A key point to note is that the diameter of a concrete screw is measured minus the threads. If you have a bracket with a specific sized hole you must attach through, it is always best to size down 1 diameter as generally the thread width will be 1.5mm wider than the body diameter.

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