Wing Tip Tek Screws Thread Chart

A super common question we get asked is "what size wing tip screw do i need to use to fasten X width timber down?"

Across different manufacturers and brands it's sometimes rather difficult to figure out which length to use. This is due to tip size and thread lengths varying across manufacturers.


Wing tip tek screws are used to fasten timber sections onto steel frames. The wing portion of the screw clears a pilot through the timber to stop the thread engaging and prevent any jacking of the timber. The wings then snap off when they hit the steel section and the screw threads directly into the steel frame.


This does though leave a bit of confusion in which lengths to use as you need enough thread to cover both your timber section and your steel section.


When fastening down timber decking (which is the most common application), we always recommend using a 45mm length wing tek screw. This is because the 40mm lengths only give you 23mm of workable thread length, if your timber is not perfectly straight this can lead to over driving and leaving your screws uneven across your deck. 

Its always better if your boards are 19 or 22mm to run with a 45mm length. 45mm lengths also tend to be more economical than 40mm lengths due to the shear volume that moves and manufacturer rebates on that specific size.


Here's a handy chart to use with our wing tip metal drilling screws.

Wing tip tek timber to metal drilling screws are used for fasteneing timber boards, battens and general timber to steel sections.

This chart covers the screw size and thread length for each size we sell. This chart is definitely worth referencing if you're fastening wooden boards to a steel framed deck.

Please be aware there may be different brand to brand so it's always worth checking the exact thread lengths prior to purchasing.



Wing Tip Metal Drilling Screws - Timber to metal wing tip screws
You can find more information on our brand of wing teks and a full range of size listings here: Wing Tip Tek Screws Timber to Metal



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