What Are Self Tapping Screws?

self tapping screws in various finishes and sizes


So What are Self Tapping Screws?

Self tapping and self drilling screws can easily be confused. The main difference is what each screw does. See below of an easy explanation on what are self tapping screws.

As the name implies, self-tapping screws are screws that cut precise threads into the material being used. A simple hand-held screwdriver can be used to drill a self-tapping screw.

  • Self tapping screws are used for all sorts of material including wood, metal, and brick. These screws require a pilot hole to be pre-drilled each time before installation, to drill the pilot hole, use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw.
  • The threads of the screw then tap the metal or wood while the screw is being installed. This tapping action keeps the material fastened together.
  • Self tapping screws have a wide range of tip and thread patterns and are available with almost any possible screw head.


Self-Tapping Screws. Massive range from Scrooz Fasteners


Popular types of self-tapping screws

  • Countersunk self tapping screws

    Allows for a flush finish as the head of the screw sits below the surface of the surrounding material. This allows for a flat finish and a smooth result. Commonly available in Stainless Steel or Zinc Plate.

    Self Tapping Screws Countersink

  • Security Torx self tapping screws

    Available in button pan head and countersink head, these feature a Torx head with external pin, meaning a security bit or ‘key’ is needed to fit or remove them.

    Self tapping Screws Security

  • Wafer head self tapping

    Wafer head screws feature a flat top surface and countersunk head. The conical under-head does not extend to the outer edge of the screw head, which allows for a flush fit on wood and other softer materials. Commonly available in both gold zinc and galvanised.

    Self tapping Screws Wafer Head

  • Flat head self tapping

    This screw head is used where a large clamping area & an unobstructed head is required. The larger clamping area allows for the force to be distributed across a wider area.

    Self tapping Screws Flat Head



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