What Are Screws Made Of?

what are screws made of - a pile of different screws made from different metals



Screws come in a variety of metals, all depending on their final use. There may be specific strength requirements, corrosion resistance requirements, or other requirements that dictate an ideal metal or group of metals that will be used when they’re made.
Indoors, outdoors, in exposed locations, exposed to ocean salt air, pool side, or under cover, drilled into wood, metal or brick – all are considered in what screws are made of.


So what are screws made of?



As the most common metal for producing screws, steel is widely available and durable. There are five types of steel typically used for producing screws and other fasteners:

  • Stainless Steel varies in strength and corrosion resistance properties but has a wide selection of applications. Used heavily in outdoor uses such as decking screws.
  • Alloy Steel provides exceptional strength, ideal for socket head products.
  • Low Carbon Steel is best for machine manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. It’s less durable compared to other options.
  • Medium Carbon Steel has mid-level strength, used for most automotive screws, nuts and bolts.
  • HiCo (High Carbon Steel) made from high grade carbon steel which is case hardened and then coated in our rock hard multi-layer 'baked on' ScrewArmour coating in an appealing silver finish, lasting well over 6 times longer than any galvanised finish and with twice the strength of stainless steel screws
what are screws made of - stainless steel batten screws
Stainless Steel Batten Screws


Aluminium is a lightweight metal material for manufacturing custom screws. Aluminium doesn’t have as much durability as steel, but it works well for joining lighter components or when there's a requirement to avoid magnetism, such as in home electronics and appliances like computers, mobile phones, televisions and refrigerators.


what are screws made of - a pile of aluminium screws
Aluminium Screws used in desktop PC builds



As a copper-based alloy, brass screws are relatively easy to manufacture. Rust-resistance and strength is lower compared to other metals, but it provides cosmetic appeal common in marine uses.


what are screws made of - brass screws
Brass Machine Screws


The most durable metals for screws is titanium. Titanium screws are common within the aerospace industry and other heavy-duty applications.  Titanium screws are also used in medical applications like bone screws.


what are screws made of - titanium screws
Various Titanium Screws




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