What are Chemical or Chemset Anchors?

What are Chemical or Chemset Anchors?

You’ve probably heard the term chemical anchors or resin fixings before but maybe not sure what they are, well here’s a brief guide.

Chemical or resin anchors are steel studs, bolts and anchorages which are bonded into a substrate, usually masonry and concrete, using a resin based adhesive system. They are perfectly suited for high load applications as in virtually all cases the resulting bond is stronger than the base material itself. The system is based on chemical adhesion or glueing of the bolts so no load stress is passed onto the base material which isn’t the case with expansion type anchors such as dynabolts, this bonding process makes them ideal for close to edge fixing, close spacings and group anchoring along with weak or unknown brisk and concrete materials.

Although there are many different brands, variations and delivery systems in the market, all systems operate using the same basic principle which is a 2 component base resin and activator which requires mixing, before the bolt is placed, to begin the chemical curing process, hence the term chemical anchor.

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