What are Batten Screws?

What are Batten Screws?

Batten screws are pretty much an Australian invention, as an ‘outdoor’ nation we’re big into hard landscaping, decks and outdoor furniture and structures and we consume huge volumes of heavy duty fasteners for bolting timber together. Traditionally, coach screws have been the fastener of choice for a lot of timber joints but either the hexagon head sticks up and causes trip hazards or the sharp edges and protrusions make them unsuitable for areas of public use, it also takes a fair amount of extra work to neatly counterbore and sink the heads.

So to get round this problem the Batten Screw was developed, it has a countersunk head so it lies flat in the timber and has an internal hex drive rather than a phillips or pozidrive head so you can get plenty of leverage to tighten them up. They are a heavy duty fastener which come in various lengths starting at 50mm and are all 14g (7mm) thick. To make countersinking even easier they are manufactured with ribs under the head so you can drive them straight in and they will cut the countersink themselves. The head is also a special shape known a s a bugle head instead of a straight countersink, the idea being the bugle form wont promote timber splitting as it countersinks due to the fairly shallow change in angle.

Taking the design a step further they also benefit from a type 17 point, this is a self drill point allowing the screws to drill its own hole as you drive it in while the coarse threads clear the cuttings, some hardwoods still need a pilot hole though as they can be as hard as concrete. So there you go, Batten Screws, available in zinc plating for general timber, galvanised for treated timbers or stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection, a great self drilling fastener and perfect for any heavy duty timber fixing, somehow I don’t think it’ll be long before they find there way onto lots of building projects outside of Australia … if you like there’s more info (sizes etc) in our store.

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