Stainless Decking Screws Snapping?

Stainless decking screws snapping?

Here's our fantastic solution, ceramic coated super hardened square drive decking screws, perfect for impact driving in hardwood and softwood decks and joists, they're the best you'll get for fastening decks without pre-drilling.

Our HiLoad deck screws come with our Screw Armour super tough coating lasting 6 times longer than galvanised and ideal for treated timber.

You will love these, so check the movie out below, if you like what you see then take a look at our full Razr Construction Screw range..same tech - more sizes.


The movie is a strength demo so we've driven them in fast and hard hence the finish is a bit rough and splintered, we know you guys will be more careful or even countersink for a much neater finish.

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