Raptr Screws - For Fixing to Hollow Block & Brick Walls

raptr screws
Raptr Self Tapping Concrete Screws


Raptr Concrete Screws


We’ve just launched our new product Raptr screws and we’re really excited about them so thought I’d let you know what they’re all about.

They are screw anchors designed to fix straight into masonry and concrete by cutting or sawing a thread as you drive them in, a bit like a self tapping screw and they don’t need any kind of plug or sleeve.

So what’s the point of them ?

Well … if you’ve ever tried to fix a piece of wood, steel frames and brackets or windows and doors to masonry you’ll soon find out that most bricks and blocks are hollow or have frogs which should be filled with mortar during the build (but often aren’t).

This means most standard expanding fixings are pretty useless, leaving you with not much option other than to try and fix into the mortar joints (unwise, mortar is low strength guys) or keep trying different fixings until you can get one to bite, without splitting, in a solid part (usually the web) of the brick or block.

Raptrs are ideal for this as they simply chew into any masonry you choose to drill, whether its a face, web, through a cavity, hidden behind rendered coatings or whatever, and they don’t expand, at all, so no more cracking. Just put your piece of wood (or whatever your fixing) in place, drill your hole straight through it and into the masonry in one go and then drive the raptr in, its that simple and there just as good in solid masonry and concrete.


Here's our movie demonstrating our Raptr screws




You can check out our full range of Raptr concrete screws here: Raptr Concrete Screws


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