How To Fix Heavy Items To Plasterboard Walls Using Gripr Fixings

tv mounted on plasterboard wall using gripr heavy duty plasterboard fixings

Fixings Heavy Items To Plasterboard Walls?


In an ideal world we would all have timber, steel or masonry stud behind our plasterboard walls when fixing heavy objects such as large TVs, unfortunately that's not always the case.

So how do we fasten to plasterboard cavity walls?

There's a range of plasterboard fasteners out there with varying load ratings and installation techniques but today we're going to focus on our Gripr heavy duty plasterboard fasteners.

These fasteners are a cavity expansion anchor, meaning they will expand into the cavity behind your plasterboard wall forming a knot like ball and are capable of rather large load ratings

They are one of the strongest plasterboard fasteners on the global market and are capable of load ratings up to 55kg per fastener!


gripr heavy duty plasterboard fastener before its tightened up

So how do we install them?


  • Mark out where you want your fasteners to go into your wall 
  • Drill a 10mm hole into your plasterboard wall


drilling a hole in a plasterboard wall


  • Un-screw the screw from the Gripr fastener so you're left with just the nylon body
  • Push the nyln body directly into your plasterboard wall
  • Tap with hammer or screwdriver - the small fins on the underside of the gripr fastener must lock into the plasterboard to prevent spinning
  • Once the nylon body is secured into the plasterboard you can line up the object you want to fasten to the wall
  • Install the Gripr screw through the item and into the nylon body
  • Start to tighten up slowly - as you tighten the knot will form in the cavity, once you feel this is tight you're done!


We always recomend putting in multiple fasteners when hanging up heavy objects, better to over engineer than under right!


gripr plasterboard fastener heavy duty from scrooz fasteners


You can find a full range of our plasterboard fasteners including our Gripr heavy duty plasterboard fasteners here: Fasteners

We have other blog posts on various methods of fixing to plasterboard walls so if you prefer to use hollow wall anchors or universal plugs check them out!



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