Chipboard Screw Thread Length Chart

Thread length is one of the most asked quesions when it comes to chipboard screws. Sometimes a fully threaded screw is necessary, sometimes its not.


Mostly customers want a partial threaded portion on the wood screws which is why this the case for most sizes. The partial thread prevents the threaded portion from biting into both your substrate and the timber or bracket your fixing down and this prevent the fixed timber from 'jacking' up or pulling away from the substrate during installation.


Across the vast range of different style wood screw and chipboard screws out there in the market it can often be confusing about how much exact thread is on the screws and how much partial plain shank there will be.


We've created this chart to quickly and easily identify exactly how much thread is on each size and how much plain shank there is.


Now there will be differences across suppliers, we manufacture our chipboard screws to pretty much universal standards when it comes to thread length but they may very slightly differ dependant on manufacturer so when looking at other brands please be aware these thread lengths may slightly vary (although not that much)


This chart covers the screw size matched to that size's thread length.


Chipboard & Wood Screw Thread Length Chart:


Chipboard Screws thread length chart by scrooz fasteners
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