Timber to Metal Wing Tip

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Timber to Metal Wing Tip

Scrooz Wing Tip Metal Self Drilling Screws

Scrooz Countersunk Self Drill Screws

DrillTech Wing Tip screws are professional grade high performance self drilling fasteners for fixing timber to metal in a single operation without the need for pre-drilling. Manufactured with a ribbed countersunk self embedding head giving a flush finish in the timber.

Ideal for fixing board materials, battens and general timber to steel sections. Due to differential movement of the timber and steel and the possibility of long term shearing issues, we don't recommend them for long length, external, exposed hardwood decking applications when the timber is not weathered, is still very green and is very likely to have significant movement, contact us for advice if unsure.


  • Self drilling hardened points for fast insertion and self centred start.
  • No2 square drive for a positive connection avoiding 'tear out'.
  • Parallel thread providing a constant and even clamping load.
  • Heavy duty high strength shanks designed for use with powerdrivers.
  • Thread cutting profile with a coarse tapping thread for rapid installation.


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8g x 32mm Wing Tip Screws GAL 18mm Thread box 1000
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10g x 35mm Wing Tip Screws GAL 18mm Thread box 500
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14g x 65mm Wing Tip Screws GAL HEX box 250
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