Bugle Head Screws

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Bugle Head Screws

Scrooz Drywall and Plasterboard Screws

Scrooz Drywall Screws

Plasterboard and drywall screws from our high performance screw range. Features include rounded bugle countersunk heads to prevent damage to the paper skin and prevent pull through during fastening. Slim twinthread shank and a sharp easy start needle point for fast driving. Designed for fastening plasterboard, gyprock and drywall sheeting to timber and light guage steel.

Phillips No2 drive and gold zinc plating for corrosion protection, free driver supplied in all packs and trade boxes.


  • Self piercing hardened needle points for fast start and accurate screw positioning on the board.
  • Slim profile high strength shanks designed for use with powerdrivers
  • Double helix twinthread form for extra grip and fast installation in timber.
  • Free driver bit supplied in every box and pack.


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