Gripr plasterboard fixings blue eye box of 25

For Heavy Duty Fastening up to 40kg

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Gripr heavy duty plasterboard fixings





Gripr Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings

These European manufactured fully tested heavy duty plasterboard fixings are simple to use, fast to install and are at least twice the strength of any currently available plasterboard or drywall fixings in Australia. Recommended by leading European plasterboard manufacturers Gripr's can be used in filled or insulated cavities as well as other boards such as fibre cement sheet, timber and man-made boards and can even work on tiled walls.


  • Holds up to 40Kg per fix in single boards and a massive 70Kg in double boards.
  • Designed for medium to heavy loads in plasterboards yet suitable for any application.
  • Manufactured from high strength PA6 nylon and reinforced glass fibre.
  • Fixes everything from lightweight brackets to kitchen units and ceiling fans.
  • Supplied and packaged exclusively for Scrooz Australia.


How do they work ...

Gripr fixings operate using a clamping action behind the board, when you tighten them they twist and deform to create an evenly shaped knot which spreads the load and firmly clamps your fixture in place. Screw diameters are 5mm in either countersunk or panhead styles along with hook and eyebolt versions.


How do I fix them ...


Simply drill a 10mm hole with a clean HSS drill bit, take the screw out of the Gripr body and tap in so the fins under the head bite into the board, place the screw through your fixture and tighten. Be careful not to overtighten the Gripr, these are very strong high torque anchors and can easily crush the board, we recommend using a hand screwdriver rather than power drivers for the final stage of tightening.



What types are available ...

The colour coded Gripr series currently consists of Blue for single boards and Red for double boards, here's a table for guidance :


Type Suit Board Board Size Fixture Thickness Screw Length
Blue Panhead Single 3-18mm 15mm 55mm
Blue Countersunk Single 3-18mm 25mm 65mm
Blue Hook/Eye Single 3-18mm - -
Red Panhead Double 18-30mm 12mm 65mm
Red Countersunk Double 18-30mm 23mm 75mm



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