What Size Drill Bit Do I Need For Nylon Wall Plugs

Here's a handy chart to use with our nylon plug range.

High quality nylon wallplugs are designed for use with all screw fixings in masonry and concrete, unlike plastic plugs nylon does not split so they are particularly suited for coarse thread screw applications like coach screws.


The wings prevent the plug from spinning when using larger screws.

Nylon wall plugs are generally used when the application dictates a higher load rating than a conventional tapered plastic plug.


The larger sizes are usually used with a coach screw type fastener and the smaller diameter can be used with standard wood screws


This chart covers nylon wall plug size, which drill bit size to use, and what screw to use for the nylon wall plugs.


All the information you need when installing nylon wall plugs, or if your trying to find the right one for your wall.


Wall Plugs Nylon - what size drill bit for nylon wall plugs
Now you know which size you'll need, you can find our plastic wall plugs here: Nylon Wall Plugs



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