Is it Tek Screw, Tec or Tech Screws?

Tek screws metal drilling in various types and finishes


What Do We Call Them and What Are They


Teks Self Drilling Metal Screws are known by several names in construction and engineering apart from teks or tek screws and are commonly called tec or tech screws and/or self drilling screws or just metal drillers.

They are specialist self drilling screws that are manufactured with a drill point that allows the screw to self drill and tap into it's own hole in metal in one single operation without the need to pre-drill a pilot hole. Working like a drill bit they are a fast, simple and popular fastener solution for general fixing to or joining metal components and structural or sheet metal.

They are also ideal for 'blind fixing' i.e. situations where the back of the fastener cannot be accessed such as box sections, steel beams, structures and components ruling out a nut and bolt option.

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