Landscaping Screws Size Chart

Landscaping screws are becoming more and more popular over the years and we now stock a full range of both 16 gauge and 18 gauge screws.

These are to be used when you've got thick, solid timbers that need pulling together such as retaining walls etc. 


Our 16 gauge landscaping screws have 6.8mm thick shanks

18 gauge have 7.5mm thick shanks. 18 gauge is by far the most popular as generally when needing a landscaping screw you'll often be using them in replacement for bolts so thicker is generally better. You'll get increased torsion and load ratings from an 18 gauge over a 16 gauge just due to the fact that the shank is almost 20% thicker.


Here's a handy chart to use with our 18g landscaping screws to figure out overall thread lengths and head diameter.


Please be aware, this chart is for our specific brand of landscaping screws - although we use universal standards when manufacturing there may be slight differences between manufacturers. 


Landscaping screws are available in sizes from 75mm long lengths up to 250mm for general building and landscaping.


These high performance screws heavy duty screws are designed to be used with any timber treatment type as they are ceramic coated so are resistant to any types of chemical treatment your timber may have gone through and will most certainly last the test of time.


Landscaping Screw Thread Length Chart:


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You can find more information, images and a video demonstration of these screws here : Landscaping Screws 18g Torx



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