Woodscrews Panhead

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Woodscrews Panhead

Scrooz Woodscrews Panhead

Scrooz Woodcrews Countersunk Zinc Plated

Professional grade twinthread wood screws for interior carpentry, joinery and general building. Twinthread double helix design for rapid driving in timber, twice as fast as standard single thread screws with extra grip through increased threads per inch giving a stronger fix in thin sections and finish joinery.

Round panhead design with large flat surface area for secure fastening of fixtures, bracketry and general construction.



  • Pozidrive system for use with high torque power and impact drivers.
  • Sharp needle point for fast start and accurate screw positioning.
  • Strengthened Panhead design plus case hardened high strength shank to prevent snapping.
  • Double helix twinthread form for extra grip and fast installation in timber.
  • CR3+ SafePlate bright zinc plated finish for operator safe corrosion protection. 
  • Free driver bit supplied in every box and pack.


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