Screw Bolt Premium ETA 10 x 100mm Grab pack 5

For Heavy Duty Anchoring in Concrete & Masonry

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Screw Bolt Anchor Fixings

Scrooz screw bolts are European manufactured high strength concrete and masonry anchors with twin helical threads and milled cutting teeth allowing the bolt to cut it's own thread in concrete and masonry when tightened, no plugs are required and these anchors don't expand so they are ideal for use in masonry and concrete where cracking may be a problem.

They are fast, re-usable, strong and simple to install by simply tightening into a clean correct size drill hole, manufactured in high strength steel and finished in a our ScrewArmour coating for maximum corrosion protection, suitable for use in masonry, stone, rock and concrete.


Scrooz screw bolts all have the following features:

  • European manufactured from high strength case hardened steel.
  • Hexagon flanged heads to spread the fixing load evenly without requiring a washer.
  • ScrewArmour ceramic coated for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Deep hi-lo thread form to aggressively chew into the masonry for a strong hold.
  • Spiral helical fluted shank to remove drill hole spoil during installation preventing jamming.
  • First thread milling rips to rapidly start the cutting process.


screw armour

What's ScrewArmour?

ScrewArmour is a multi layered high performance surface coating developed for optimum performance in the various pollutive and atmospheric conditions that cause corrosion, it's also incredibly hard and is perfect for thread cutting fasteners as normal galvanising simply peels or wears off during installation as the threads bite into the abrasive masonry.

It's also completely resistant to acid and alkaline attack as well as galvanic corrosion, this means you can safely use them anywhere with any timber (treated or not) and any other metal or surface coated product with no cross contamination corrosion issues.



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