Kemfast chemical anchor Cartridge 380ml Box 12

Includes 1 mixer nozzle per Epoxy Cartridge

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Kemfast Chemset Chemical AnchoringKemfast Chemical Anchor Resin Fixings



Kemfast is a European manufactured all-purpose high performance chemical injection anchoring system for bonding fixings into concrete and masonry. It's a 2 part system stored in a chambered co-axial cartridge and based on a high strength rapid cure hybrid epoxy resin, it's completely styrene free so it isn't harmful to users or the environment and it's not classified as a hazardous material (unlike most brands) so doesn't need any special storage, transport or empty cartridge disposal requirements. Following thorough long term testing Kemfast has been awarded and carries the highly prestigious European Technical Approval for studs and rebar in concrete.


Requires no special tooling as Kemfast is designed to fit standard 380ml heavy duty coaxial applicator tools supplied either from us or you can use existing tools from other manufacturers such as Ramset, Powers etc, we also have complete site kits available for regular users. Supplied with 1 mixer nozzle per cartridge, packaging may be OEM.


What can I fix with it?

Kemfast is primarily designed for heavy and medium duty bonding of anchor studs, bolts, threaded bars, sockets, rebar, starter bars and dowels into any base material including reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, rock, stone and solid or hollow (with nylon sleeve) masonry and brick.


Where can I use it ?

The answer is anywhere, we specifically developed Kemfast so you can use it in any base material with any fixing. Most manufacturers have confusing ranges with different resin types for different applications such as brick, structural concrete, reo etc, this sales tactic is complete nonesense. High performance chemical anchor resins work with all fixings and base materials so there is no need for multiple types, extra tooling and complex pricing structures. Kemfast is one of the highest resin grades available and we've purposely priced it low enough so you can economically use it for all tasks from major civil engineering projects to general construction and DIY.


So why should I use Kemfast ?

That's easy, we're offering you the highest grade, styrene free, fully tested and approved resin available at a lower price than most of the low grade polyester based brands on the market and you can use it anywhere so you don't need to worry about which type to use for each job, one cartridge does it all.




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