JetPlug Wallmate Fixings

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JetPlug Wallmate Fixings

Manufactured in Germany for Scrooz, Jetplugs install in under a second and are the world's fastest, high performance rapid fix plasterboard anchors.

Comprises a tough nylon body which is driven into plasterboard and drywall using the steel setting tool or can be screwed individually into a pilot hole using a standard screwdriver, takes any 6-10guage (3.5-5mm) screw or fixing.


  • Perfect for repetitive fixing users who require speed and accuracy.
  • Fast simple installation with easy removal if required.
  • High load bearing capacity of up to 11kg in thick boards, 7kg in standard drywall.
  • Small cross head design allows screw fixings as small as 6 guage.
  • Jetplug body expands, biting into the board for a firm hold and allowing up to 10 guage screws if required.
  • Short body length allows fixing into boards with minimal cavity depth behind the board.

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