Raptr Self Tapping Concrete Sockets

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Raptr Self Tapping Concrete Sockets

Raptr Self Tapping Sockets





Raptr Socket Fixings


Our fantastic Raptr Sockets are internally threaded fixings designed to fix direct to concrete, brick, block and general masonry using plugless technology, plus they can also be used in timber. The internal thread means you can use them with any zinc plated or stainless steel metric bolt, threaded rod, fastener or component. Galvanised bolts and fasteners can also be used depending on coating thickness.



  • Suitable for temporary or permanent fixing.
  • Made from high performance high tensile 12.9 grade steel,
  • Easily and rapidly installed using a hex socket (also available) with an impact driver/wrench or a cordless/power drill
  • Can also be installed using a standard ratchet spanner.
  • Coated with our high performance Screw Armour ceramic coating (lasts 6 times longer than galv).
  • Use them for any corrosion resistant application, inside or out


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