Complete Masonry Fixing Sampler Kit

For Heavy Duty Anchoring in Concrete & Masonry

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Screw Bolt Anchor Fixings

Our Masonry fixing sampler kit is all inclusive of all our most popular masonry fixings including our newer released products, from all our variations of wall plugs through to our Raptr screws and including run of the mill sleeve anchors / screws bolts and all the various types of hammer in anchors available from us. Perfect if your un-sure which fixings are best suited to your application or if you wish to test out some of our Scrooz only products.

These kits are heavily discounted from $165 to $69.95 so that you can review and test out of products without having to buy boxes of each.


Masonry fixing sampler kits include:

  • Our new Universal Plugs 6mm Grab Pack 100
  • Wall Plugs Plastic Green 35mm Grab Pack 100
  • Euro Wall Plugs Brown Grab Pack 100
  • Wall Plugs Nylon 7 x 35mm Grab Pack 100
  • Rapid Fix Hammer-In Anchors 6 x 50mm Grab Pack 20
  • Splitdrive Anchors Countersunk 6.5 x 38mm Grab Pack 20
  • Metal Nail in Alloy Anchors 6.5 x 25mm Grab Pack 20
  • Drop in Anchors Knurled M6 x 25mm Grab Pack 20
  • Hammer in Fixings Nylon 5 x 30mm Trade Box 100
  • Knock in Nail Anchors Roundhead 5 x 25mm Trade Box 100
  • ClipFix Concrete Screws 5 x 32mm Grab Pack 100
  • Raptr Concrete Screws 50mm Grab Pack 20
  • ScrewBolt Anchors Contractor Galvanised 6 x 50mm Grab Pack 10
  • Raptr Socket Anchors 10mm Grab Pack 5
  • Sleeve Anchors Hex Head Galvanised 8 x 85mm Grab Pack 10


screw armour

What's ScrewArmour?

ScrewArmour is a multi layered high performance surface coating developed for optimum performance in the various pollutive and atmospheric conditions that cause corrosion, it's also incredibly hard and is perfect for thread cutting fasteners as normal galvanising simply peels or wears off during installation as the threads bite into the abrasive masonry.

It's also completely resistant to acid and alkaline attack as well as galvanic corrosion, this means you can safely use them anywhere with any timber (treated or not) and any other metal or surface coated product with no cross contamination corrosion issues.



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