Shield Anchor Size Chart

It can be difficult sometimes to figure out which size bolts your going to need to use with shield anchors as they vary in lengths across the range.


General rule of thumb is to use a bolt that is the length of the shield anchor plus the thickness of the material your fastening down.


Ie fixing a 5mm bracket into a 10mm shield anchor. Well the 10mm shield anchor is 60mm in length, plus the 5mm = 65mm length bolt.


Shield anchors are also very commonly referred to as Loxin bolts or Loxins. This is a brand specific name.


Here's a handy chart to use with our shield anchor range.

Shield anchors are an internally threaded expantion fastener for temporary or permanent installs in concrete and solid masonry where you may want to use your own bolts or studs.

This chart covers the diameter and length along with drill size needed for each size of shielf anchor we offer.


Shield Anchors - size chart for shield anchors by scrooz fasteners
Now you know which size you'll need, you can find our shield anchors here: Shield Anchors



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