Ever Wondered Why Your Screw Driver Slips?

Ever wondered why your screwdriver slips when your trying to tighten a screw or just rips the head up until you can’t get a screwdriver in it at all. Well, chances are your using the wrong screwdriver, it may look the same but its not, all screws have a particular drive system and a particular size so if you don’t pick the right driver and size then you’ll never get a secure fit and that where your problems start, particularly as the screw gets tighter into whatever your fixing into. The most common mistake is mixing up pozi drive and phillips as they both look the same at first glance but if you look closer at the pozi drive image, you’ll see its a cross with a kind of star shape over the top whereas the phillips is just a cross. This identifier is stamped on every screw from all manufacturers and although they may look very similar, these drives are vastly different internally due to the mating angles and the way the cross is cut, pozidrive screws also have stabilising fins on the driver which fits into the same shaped sockets on the screw at the centre of the cross. Try it, get a pozi screw with a phillips screwdriver or vice versa, test fit them and you’ll see although its close it just doesn’t quite fit properly, now try with a pozi screwdriver and immediately you’ll see and feel the difference … snug as a bug and particularly important if you use cordless screwdrivers where a lot of instant pressure is put on the screw head.

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