Decking Screws – Types and Sizes from Scrooz

So what types of deck screws do we have available at Scrooz.

We carry 3 ranges,razr decking screw galvanised one is a hardened carbon steel range which is galvanised for corrosion protection, these screws are an extremely tough and cost effective solution to deck board fastening, especially designed for use with powerdrivers these fasteners are all 10 guage in diameter and up to 65mm long.

For increased prodecking screws square drive stainless steeltection, and also our most popular range is our extensive  range of stainless steel 304 grade screws which can be used in any treated timbers, these are available in both 10 and 12 guage and are available up to 125mm long (special order). For ultimate corrosion protection and strength we also carry 316 marine grade decking screws.

trimhead decking screw stainless steelFor special applications we have a range of trimhead deck screws which have a fine shank and reduce head diameter for an unobtrusive yet strong fix, due to the reduced shank thickness of these fasteners, to make them very strong they are manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel which also provides the best corrosion protection available.

decking screwsAll our deck screws have self drill slash points and are sold under our Razr brand, these sharp Type 17 points are designed to  pre-drill the softwood structural deck timbers allowing fast driving with cordless screwguns and powerdrivers etc. They are all designed with ribbed countersinks for self embedding and all have square drive fittings to stop the heads ripping or burring when powerdriving.

scrooz deck screw range

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