New Decking Screws Trade and Bulk Boxes

Our decking screws are now available in our new branded trade and bulk boxes comprising either 500 or 1000 stainless steel square drive decking screws in either 304 or 316 grade standard head or trim head sizes along with a galvanised deck screw range for customers looking for an alternative to stainless steel.

Decking Screws and Deck Fasteners Installers Kits

We’ve just released the first of our decking screws installers kit comprising everything you need to for screw fastening your deck in one cost effective convenient pack, all inclusions are high quality branded professional deck fixing products and offer a substantial cost saving over buying separately

Our 10G kit includes :


Torx and Square Drive Bits Which is Best

Torx and Square drive are both very popular driver bits although not as common as Phillips and Pozidrive. It’s widely known that Torx and square drive provide a more positive connection between fastener and driver and so less slippage and skipping out occurs, particularly when fastening into tough materials.

So which is best, well […]

How Much Thread Should Stick Out of a Nut When the Bolt is Tight

To get a nut and bolt assembly to operate at full strength all the threads inside the nut should be filled, during production of bolts and external threaded fasteners the first 1 or 2 threads are deemed sacrificial as they usually not fully formed during manufacture.

So it is generally considered that 2-3 full […]

Should I Tighten The Bolt Head or Nut First

So does it matter if I tighten the bolt head or the nut, good question.

As long as the assembly is the same style and size i.e. the head of the bolt and the nut take the same size spanner then the answer is no, whichever you tighten you’ll still be providing the same […]

How Long is The Thread of a Bolt

This is a popular question, so how do you know how long the thread is on a bolt, well manufacturers generally use the same standard so ISO Metric bolts in mild or high tensile steels all use this formula

For total lengths up to 125mm the thread length is 2 x diameter plus 6mm


How to Recognise a High Tensile Bolt

All hexagon bolts have markings on the head to tell you what type of bolt they are and give you the  tensile strength. Metric bolts will have 2 numbers separated by a dot, these numbers are the code for the tensile strength with the number left of the dot being the ultimate […]

Type 17 Screws What Are They

Although we often use the term Type 17 Screw it doesn’t really refer to the fastener as a whole, the type 17 reference is a manufacturer’s term for the point shape on the end of the screw. When screws are being made the design will include many features, head style, drive type, shank style, […]

Drywall Screws What Are They.

Drywall or plasterboard is generally made up of a paper liner wrapped around a gypsum plaster inner core and is fixed to wall frameworks using nails, adhesives and of course screws.

Drywall screws are specifically designed for this application and have the following features :

Bugle head countersink which designed to […]

Decking Screws for Steel Joists What Should I Use

The preferred fastener for this application seems to be the wing drill screw however the fact is we don’t recommend any direct screw fixing to steel joists.

Differential movement is just as it sound’s, it’s the amount of movement likely to occur between different objects. With a timber deck on timber joists it’s fairly […]